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Backlink is one of the foundation to raise the position of a site in the SERP. Every hear the word SEO is definitely a direct terbesit is a backlink. In fact, SEO is not just a backlink. SEO consists of many things. Perhaps, because it is the most SEO backlinks easily implemented and includes the most powerful tool for optimization of a site, so people - people think that SEO backlinks is an identity.

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I think all bloggers would already be familiar with the name backlinks, so not need a long introduction, but for those who want to know what a backlink function can read my post on How to Get Free Backlinks every day. Ok I just share the blog list PR 3 and 4 that the average autoapprove and dofollow, so please comment on these important web sites and get free backlinks from there.

How To Get Free Backlinks Every Day

For those who cultivate the good Blogger Online Business or just a casual blogger would have been familiar with the name Backlink. A backlink is a link or a text that is on another site or on our own site which if clicked will go to a page. Text of the link is usually in the form of a Acnhor Text Keyword or keyword from the intended page.

How To Get Backlink From Google

Until now, Google is still regarded as the King of the World Search Engine. Not to steady our website if you have not been indexed in Google. Of course thus becomes mandatory for us to get backlinks from Google so that we rank up in Google's eyes. Here are easy ways to get backlinks from Google.

How To Get Free Backlink

Backlink is a tool to get google pagerank, because the quality backlinks that is believed to determine the ranking of a site on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But, you also need to remember that not all backlinks are useful for your site, there is also a backlink that could "hurt" your site. Backlink bad usually comes from spam sites, sites search spam and other automated sites.